Sunday, March 30, 2008

Teen Alive meeting

We had a great service last night with some of the new young people that got saved the night before. It was so good to see them come back for the real deal. 
We had a good time in the Lord. We began the service with prayer, thanking God for the decisions that were made on Friday and asking God to protect these young people in the days to come. We then had a time of singing, followed by a good round of "fluffy bunnies". 
We then had the guys and girls split up for the lesson. Both groups listened to what the leaders had to say and they asked some very good questions. In the guys class, I am told the young men asked about being baptized, they also said how much they needed this Saturday night meeting to keep them off the streets. Praise the Lord for the Revival that is happening in the hearts of these young people. 

We wrapped the meeting up with some snacks and fellowship. It was so wonderful to watch these kids want to spend time talking about the bible. We started the meeting at 7:30 and ended 9:00, the kids stayed until 10:30 talking about what had happened. 
Some of the young men want to go out this afternoon and pass out tracts and info about the church, can you say, amazing. 
It really is beautiful to see the change God make in peoples lives. 

Please continue to pray for God to place a hedge of protection around these kids. 

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Austin Gardner said...

This is extremely exciting and encouraging. I thank God for what He is doing.

I know you both have to be floating just to think of what God is doing

I prayed for you just now and I am excited to say the least. Tell Stephen and everyone of them that I prayed and that I am pulling for them to allow Jesus to be Lord and to rule 100% in their lives.

God bless you